3 Important Tips to Teach Your Children About Dealing with Strangers

3 Important Tips to Teach Your Children About Dealing with Strangers

No one said that raising children was meant to be a piece of cake. Quite on the contrary, teaching your kids new things and raising them can be a full time job, and therefore it is important that you teach them as much as you can when they are young. They are still brand new to the world and therefore they are a lot that they need to learn about society, how to behave, what to do and not do, basically everything that you can teach them.

Use your own experience and other people’s experience in order to share your wisdom with your children, it is often the best way to get them to learn something. However, not because you tell them something once, it means that they are going to grasp the concept the first time. It often takes a couple of life lessons for your kids to learn something,however, you still need to teach them numerous things in order to protect them as much as you can.

One important conversation theme to have with your children is the talk about stranger-danger. 

Children don’t know the first thing about strangers and they are willing to trust everyone that they know because they are naive and young. Therefore you need to sit down with them and have that serious talk.

Here are a couple of tips to teach your children about dealing with strangers.

1. Discuss the concept of strangers

Children don’t even know the concept of what a stranger is.They might not even have a clue with how some people in the world are good and kind-hearted while others have cruel intentions. The best thing you can do to introduce them to the subject is to read a story that talks about kids and strangers, in order for them to be more familiarized with the concepts. After that, teach them the do’s and don’ts.

2. Don’t Talk To Strangers

Rule number one, don’t talk or interact with strangers. Set this ground rule straight with them. Know that it is not okay and that they will even receive a punishment if they do so. Just like, whenever they are misbehaving, have them relate this to bad behavior. If they talk to strangers they will get in trouble. It is a great way for them to obey you when they can’t understand the consequences of their actions.

3. Point out adults that kids can trust

Let them know who is trustworthy and who they can rely on. This is a great way for kids to be able to differentiate the people, from strangers to someone that they can ask for help in any given situation. For instance, tell them that policemen can always help them in case they get lost, and tell them that any other people are not someone that they can rely on.