Fun Easy Monster Mouth Recipe

Fun Easy Monster Mouth Recipe

Creating fun and entertaining dishes for your kids shouldn’t be complicated or stressful. Sometimes, mothers can even disguise a healthy snack just by decorating it and making it look more appealing for kids. Everyone understands the struggle that it is to feed their children fruits and vegetables. Kids can often be picky and they can refuse foods that don’t look nice or that they don’t taste good either. Which is why fruits and vegetables can be tricky to disguise and for kids to eat them. Nevertheless, they need them given that they are very nutritious and kids need these rich proteins in order to grow in a healthy manner.

However, parents nowadays don’t really have time to stop and prepare a cute and pretty lunch for their kids. They think that making the food pretty and appealing might take hours, and in reality, there are a couple of snacks or meals that can be done in a quick and efficient manner that are nutritious at the same time.

Here is a quick and easy snack that is nutritious and fun at the same time, and most important of all, kids love it. In addition, it is so easy to make that you could even prepare it for playdates or parties, given that they are extremely appealing to look at.

Monster Mouth Recipe


3 large apples

3/4 cup creamy peanut or almond butter 

Mini marshmallows candy corn, or almond slivers (to make them look like teeth) 

Sprite or lemon juice to keep apples from browning Candy Eyes

Prep Time:

Quick and easy to do in under 15 minutes with no need of cooking time.


Slice apples into thick wages. Dip the apples in lemon juice in order to keep them from becoming brown and then take the peanut or almond butter and stick them together in an L shape. Afterward add the almond slivers or candy corn to make them look like teeth and add the candy eyes to make it look like a monster opening its mouth.