Homeschool 101: Virtual Field Trips for Kids Who Love To Learn

Homeschool 101: Virtual Field Trips for Kids Who Love To Learn

If your children are being taught through a homeschooling problem there is no reason why they shouldn’t experience any tours. Especially with the entire pandemic situation going on in 2020, it is complicated for the kids to go anywhere. They were forced to sit behind a computer and learn this way. It can become frustrating for them given that kids are very interactive, they love going to places, experiencing new adventures, and just being around their friends. While there are some things that they can’t do because of the current global situation, there are other alternatives to kids’ education and entertainment. While museums and other venues that serve for kid’s education are closed at the moment because they can’t afford to receive large crowds, kids can still take a part in virtual field trips.

The way that this works is that some places, like museums, planetariums, among others, offer virtual tours, so this way, kids can do an interactive activity online by seeing a real place and being able to go through it online. They can see artwork,and many other cultural and historical pieces as well. It is a great learning tool, and a very fun and interactive one. 

Here are some of the best virtual field trips that you can share with your kids.

1.The Louvre 

Who would’ve imagined that you could hop on the computer and feel just like you are in Paris walking into the Louvre. While the museum is currently closed, you can still access all of it online. You can visit the galleries, the ruins, and every piece available there. Make sure you teach your kids about the beauty of the artworks that they will find there, such as the Mona Lisa.

2.Metropolitan Museum Of Art 

Located in New York, the met is also amazing for having numerous galleries displaying different artwork pieces distributed according to the period of time that they existed. The museum is enormous and you get the advantage of being able to take a private virtual tour here, and having all the time in the world to see the entire venue.

3.The British Museum

This enormous museum is also available online. You are even going to want to take this virtual tour along with your kids. This museum is famous for having the Rosetta Stone, and even real-life mummies. While some people have to travel all the way to London to experience this museum, you and your kids could access it through a virtual platform in the convenience of your own home.

4.Boston Children’s Museum

Maybe your kids are looking for a museum that is more interactive and kid-related and therefore the Boston’s children’s museum might be ideal for them. Not only is it fun and entertaining, but it is also specifically designed for children and it will be more around their ally.