Easy Strawberry Banana Appetizers

Easy Strawberry Banana Appetizers

Truly, who isn’t a fan of the delicious combination than strawberries and bananas make? You could use these ingredients for salads, breakfast, lunch, appetizers, or even desserts. The options of what you can do are simply endless. These ingredients blend so well with everything that truly every outcome is delicious. Nevertheless, if you are looking into making some quick and easy finger foods containing strawberry and banana. Here is a great recipe you could always use as an appetizer for your guests. 

Strawberry Banana Appetizers

Preparation Time

30 Minutes


From 6-8 people


2 Peeled and Chopped Bananas

1 Cup Low Fat Vainilla Yougurt 

1 Cup of crushed pineapple (Keep the juice)

1 1/2 cups of chopped strawberries

1 Package of Cream cheese at room temperature (if you want to make it healthier, chose the low-fat option)

2 Packages of Pretzel Crisps


1.Mix the chopped bananas, strawberries with the pineapple and the pineapple juice as well.

2.Add the creemcheese at a low speed so that it blends smoothly with the ingredients.

3.Next, add the vainilia yougurt and then add little by little the creeme cheese (not all of it, just about 1/4 of what is asked)

4.Once the entire mixture is blended, lay the Pretzel Crisps and add a soft layer of creme cheese on top of them. Continuously, add the strawberry and banana mixture on top, drizle with honey and lay them on a platter ready to be served. 

Quick and easy finger food appetizers. Done in no time, and ready to be eaten by your guests.